How to Solve Network Issues and Increase Speed in DLS 24

DLS 24

Dream League Soccer (DLS) is one of the most popular mobile soccer simulation games that captivate millions of gamers worldwide since its launch. But now a days users are facing many network issues in DLS and also experiencing low speed of players in DLS 24. To solve network problem is vital for good performance.

Solve Network Problem in DLS 24:

Some users undergo network problem in DLS 24 for various reasons. Laggy gameplay and slow internet speed are too much annoying for Dream League Soccer (DLS) lovers. Particularly, in online matches, the problem is very upsetting. Today I am going to discuss about how to solve the network problem in DLS 24. Hopefully, this will be effective for DLS 24 users.

Firstly, ensure you are connected to internet, we recommend you getting connected to WiFi as it serves fast connectivity to make game smooth and pleasant. If you use mobile data, don’t be upset. Just make sure your provider are supplying a good data rate as good data rate is precondition for DLS 24.

Mobile RAM for DLS 24:

We see that gradually Dream League Soccer has become more heavier and larger in size. Therefore, more space is required for smooth game play in DLS 24. You must have 3 GB RAM in your devices and you should not run any heavy app in background while playing DLS 24. If you have low RAM, my recommendation is to decrease graphics quality to low and down the framerate to 30 for good performance.

Use Game Booster for DLS 24:

You can use game booster to enhance performance. It will ensure a good game processing for you. Among many booster I recommend you to install Game Booster 4x Faster from play store. It is safe and easy to install. Among other boosters, I find it effective and user friendly.

How to Use Game Booster for DLS 24?

For Game Booster 4x Faster, you may follow these steps:-

  • Install the Game Booster 4x from Play Store.
  • Active booster.
  • Set resolution.
  • Set fps ( set 30 fps if you have low RAM).
  • Set Graphics ( choose smooth balanced for low ram).

You may download the booster from play store clicking on the button below:

How to Increase Player’s Speed in DLS 24

Using Game Booster 4x, you can solve your network issues as well as you can increase your player’s speed. Game booster usually helps you to smoothen your gaming performance increasing speed , removing lags along with other issues. So you can follow the steps mentioned above to increase player’s speed.

Hope this article is useful to you for DLS 24. You may also read other useful posts on DLS 24 in our site.

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