Character analysis of Agamemnon


Agamemnon is the king of Mycenae and brother of Menelaus. He is the son of Atreus and queen Aerope and the husband of Clytemnestra. At the end of the story he was killed by Clytemnestra and her lover. Agamemnon is born to handle a position which is greater than his ability. In another word, he is not worthy of maintaining kingship. He is stubborn, quick tempered, irrational and quarrelsome. He is solely responsible for plague disease. But he does not accept that. Rather he wants to take Achilles’ gift Chryseis only in order to demonstrate domination and control over Achilles. His tendency of showing power causes a great hamper for the Greeks and makes the situation more complex. He does not understand that a king must be a selfless person who should put his people’s interests and betterment above his personal pleasure and wish. He wants to abandon the Trojan war when he finds that the Greeks are in a situation which is hard to recover. For his personal conflict with Achilles, the Greeks suffer a lot. One of his soldiers named Thersites calls him ‘Greedy’. As he makes important decisions with emotions, his followers like Odysseus and especially old Nestor are seen to counsel and to advise him often. Actually, he needs this support from others. Agamemnon is soft only towards his brother Menelaus and understands the importance of family relationships. He supports Menelaus strongly in every situation.

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