Character analysis of Hector

Hector is the Trojan prince and the next Trojan king. He is the commander of the Trojan army in the Trojan war and the only hero from Troy. No one else in Troy is as heroic as Hector. He is the elder son of Priam and brother of Paris, brother in law of Helen. He is a foil character for both Achilles and Agamemnon as he is a family person and is responsible. Hector is the ideal Homeric man. He shows his qualities from the very beginning as the future king of troy. He is worried for the safety of trojan women and children as they are vulnerable to slavery and sexual abuse by the opponent. In The Iliad there is a clear reflection of Hector’s love for Andromache, his wife and their son. Hector does various heroic deeds in the war. He announces the first duel between Paris and Menelaus. Hector rebukes Paris as “sex-crazed seducer” and tells that he should never have been born. He is very angry at Paris’s cowardice. He challenges the Greeks to fight with him in a duel that frightens the Greeks. After that,he fights with Ajax,son of Telamon and gives him his sword as a gift and as a symbol of mutual respect. Like other heroes Hector also wants to win glory. He kills Patroclus with the help of Apollo which can be detected as his hamartia. He even tries to mutilate the corpse of Patroclus and this makes Achilles angry and desperate for revenge. After killing Patroclus, he puts off Achilles’s armor (as Patroclus participated in the war wearing Achilles’s armor) and puts it on his body. This armor makes Hector as faulty and irrational as Achilles. At last, this brave trojan warrior is killed by Achilles.

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